Events & Seminars

Events and Seminars, workshops, parties, etc. have been postponed. We hope to have some new workshops scheduled in the next month or two. Please see below for available plants and other information! As always, if you have questions – please call or email. We love our customers and want to help your gardens look as beautiful as they would any other year!

Dear Valued Customers,

We have many items available right now for all your spring planting needs. Please call ahead to reserve your Garden-To-Go Kits. Shady Lane is abiding by safe contact-free practices, sanitation and social distancing. We offer curbside-pickup and delivery for all items! But, we’re still open to the public – with lots of social distancing room!


We’re doing all we can to minimize the spread of COVID-19 while balancing life, work, and staying open to serve our customers and our employees. Our intent is to simply take care of our customers, keep our employees healthy, and be flexible so we can all make a living. 


Whether you are a church, home gardener, or just someone looking for a Happy Gift or a personal pick-me-up, feel free to call us at 262-251-1660 or email at [email protected] to place an order.

We offer:

 – curbside pickup 
 – delivery
– distanced indoor shopping

You may call or email your orders – (262) 251-1660 and [email protected]. We can accept credit card information over the phone, or you may come inside our retail area as there is plenty of space for social distancing, and so many beautiful flowers to brighten your day.

These items are ready to go now: 
-Bagged soil for planters (1 cu ft, – $9; 2 cu ft – $15; 2.8 cu ft – $18)
-Soil Essentials Planting Mix (40 lbs) or Compost (1 cu ft)- $10
-Cool season flowering plants-Variety of flowering combinations that make wonderful gifts for outdoor and indoor enjoyment
-Kid’s Garden-To-Go Kit $20
-Adult “Garden-To-Go $30 
-Full bloom Azaleas only $20 (as long as they last…)
-Full bloom Pink Hydrangeas only $20 (as long as they last…) 
– Purse of Posies $12.50
– Pansy bowl $25
– Pansy flats (48 – $18)
– Herbs $4.50
– Herb bowls $25
– Fertilizers for indoor and outdoor plants
– Osmocote for slow-release fertilization of planters
– FreezePruf $17.50
– Deer Scram $20 

We have so much more for you! Please watch our videos on Facebook. There will be a special appearance by Karl next week!

We are putting together our virtual tours of the greenhouse and will show you how to pull together all the plants needed for shady or sunny areas.

Gardening is a wonderful way to improve the environment and improve your health! Research has shown definitive and positive impacts on human health and well being after viewing gardens, and especially after participating in a garden activity.

This is the year to plant a garden with your kids! This is the year to plant a tree – you could call it your 2020 Memory Tree: Making family memories!

Watch what’s coming, we have lots of ideas to help you garden better! Thanks, as always, for your continued support of this local, family-owned business.

Thank you for all of your orders and your continued support of our business! Happy Spring!

With many events canceled or postponed, Heidi and Patti thought you might enjoy some step-by-step gardening, from the safest social distance available: your screen!
Check out Heidi and Patti’s planting videos on Facebook!




Please keep in mind that our business can be greatly affected by weather and other circumstances. So, events are subject to change. Please also note, the greenhouse where our trains are located can get *VERY* hot and humid. It’s great for tropical plants, but not always for extra large model railroad sets! Sometimes we will keep the trains off during bursts of extreme heat, but you’re always welcome to stop by to walk around them. They’re not going anywhere!

*GARDEN CLUB MEMBERS Receive a $5 discount on many of our offered workshops and classes. IMPORTANT: Please pre-register or RSVP for classes and workshops when noted. Classes will be canceled if the hosts do not think we have a good sized attendance.

***Sign up to be in our Garden Club and get a discount each time you register for a class or workshop with us! Email Kathy for more information!