Meet the Train Crew


Karl Hornung, Conductor:
As a child in Germany, Karl played outdoors with rocks and sticks. Model trains became a passion only years later as an adult. When building the Alpine mountains for Shady Lane’s railroad, Karl brought to life his youthful memories of the Black Forest. It should be no surprise to anyone seeing the display that Karl loves tunnels.

Photo of Larry and Terry Mikec

Larry and Terry Mikec

Larry and Terry Mikec, Volunteers:
A professional artist, Larry hopped on board the Shady Lane Express through his wife, Terry Mikec. While working at ShadyLane Greenhouses years ago, Terry made fall trees for the first train display. As the railroad expanded, Larry was asked to provide his artistic expertise to make the background come alive. Devoting hundreds of hours, Larry and Terry have been instrumental in implementing Karl’s vision for the train by painting all of the scenery and constructing many of the landscapea details. When they’re not riding the rail, Larry and Terry might be at home in Menomonee Falls, Wisconsin.


Photo of Dave Dobberstein

Dave Doberstein

Dave Doberstein, Volunteer:
His wife made him do it. About two years ago, she told Karl that Dave, now retired, would volunteer for the train crew. He’s happy she did; he spends about 24 hours a month working on the KFH Legacy and its track. Dave’s first project for us? Taking home and cleaning cars. He estimates he lubricated 700 axles and polished 1,400 wheels.  Can you guess how Dave initially got started with model railroading? You got it. His wife. After giving her permission for him to put a small display outside, she went on to encourage him to get more track. Thank you, Dave. Thank you, Mrs. Doberstein.


Ed Uhl, Volunteer:
Ed’s fascination with trains goes back to when he was five-years old. Then living in Ohio, his backyard was very close to the Erie Railroad. He remembers Percherons delivering the coal taken from the train cars. He also remembers sitting in a shanty with his young friends, listening to an elderly gentleman sharing his life with trains. Throughout the years, Ed has received a lot of recognition for his indoor and outdoor model railroad layouts. At Shady Lane Greenhouses he’ll always be appreciated for the incredible amount of work he has done with the KFH Legacy.

Matt Drennan:
We always appreciate the support we receive from Matt Drennan at Wisconsin-Illinois trains. He’s an expert with garden railways.

Nick Glab

Nick Glab

Nick Glab

Tony Glab

Nick and Tony Glab, Volunteers
Apart from sending g-scale trains to the original manufacturer for expensive repairs, Nick Glab discovered there was no-one else who could do the work. Rather, there was no-one who could fix Nick’s trains and meet his high standards. So, he and his two children, Brittney and Tony, opened B&T Hobbies in Pardeeville. B&T Hobbies make model trains look and sound real. They also repair them and get them back on the rails asap.