KFH Legacy Model Train

KFH Boarding Pass Cover

The KFH Legacy Train is on hiatus while we all shelter-in-place.

Recently, Bob Wandschneider’s Spiderman Express rode the KFH rails. The express was custom designed and wrapped for Bob who wanted something on his railway for the younger generation (8 to 15 years). He asked his grandchildren what they’d like to see. A super hero train was their first answer. Then they voted for their favorite. The result was the Spiderman Express, seen here under a dark sky and twinkling lights.

Spiderman Car Spiderman Express Top Down

In the gallery below are more Spiderman Express photos, along with pics of the KFH Legacy. They were all taken by Caryl Sedushak of Waukesha’s Unlimited Vision Photo Club. Thanks, Caryl!

A 1998  magazine article started the wheels spinning and they haven’t stopped since. After reading about garden-scale railroads, Karl Hornung thought a model train display at Shady Lane Greenhouses would be a novel idea. He made an initial investment in track, rolling stock and engines. His first display was set up one Christmas and measured 6′ x 24′. The response was so great that the following holiday season, he set it up again–only bigger! By the third year, the train was occupying half of an entire greenhouse. As the enthusiasm grew, so did Karl’s investment in train stock.

Having outgrown its previous space, the train now resides in a separate greenhouse (the House of Blooms) and measures 4,800 square feet. The most recent expansion was conceived in 2011; it was completed in 2013. Karl says the railroad won’t grow anymore. It’s quite possible he believes this.