KFH Legacy Model Train

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The KFH Legacy Train

In addition to an abundant assortment of materials for your landscape and garden needs, Shady Lane Greenhouse is also home to the Midwest’s Largest G-Model train.

A 1998  magazine article started the wheels spinning and they haven’t stopped since. After reading about garden-scale railroads, Karl Hornung thought a model train display at Shady Lane Greenhouses would be a novel idea. He made an initial investment in track, rolling stock and engines. His first display was set up one Christmas and measured 6′ x 24′. The response was so great that the following holiday season, he set it up again–only bigger!

By the third year, the train was occupying half of an entire greenhouse. As the enthusiasm grew, so did Karl’s investment in train stock.

The most recent expansion was conceived in 2011; it was completed in 2013. Karl says the railroad won’t grow anymore. It’s quite possible he believes this.

Having outgrown its previous space, the train now resides in The House of Blooms at Shady Lane Greenhouse. It measures 4,800 square feet and has 16 different tracks that are more than 2,000 feet long and wrap through various landscapes. When you visit, you will certainly see an impressive assortment of passenger and freight trains, all of different styles and eras, as well as diesel and steam trains, and a cogwheel mountain train.

The KFH Legacy Train Runs on the Weekends in warmer weather. Please visit us during regular business hours to see this masterpiece. It’s always here!

We are looking forward to offering train classes in the near future. Please use the contact form on our home page if you’re interested in learning more about these classes.