Winter – Christmas


Poinsettias have been the Christmas flower since Joel Poinsett, U.S. Statesman and amateur botanist, brought plants from a trip to Mexico 200 years ago. He made cuttings and grew them in his greenhouse, sharing plants with friends and growers. The poinsettia very rapidly became the flower for Christmas because the normal time for it to bloom is mid winter (it’s a “short day” plant). In parts of Mexico, it is known as “Flower of the Holy Night”, from a folk tale of the flowers turning red when placed on the church altar as a gift for the Christ child.
Fun Facts: The red “flower” is actually a leaf tissue called a bract. The flower is yellow and very tiny.
Poinsettias are not poisonous! But because they are an Euphorbia they have a milky sap, which can cause a rash on some.
Poinsettias make up about 25% of all potted plant sales, it is the number 1 potted plant sold, despite its short sale time of about 6 weeks.
We grow our poinsettias here at Shady Lane Greenhouses, beginning in early July. It takes 4.5 months of care to get them ready for Christmas. Karl is an expert on growing the MOST BEAUTIFUL poinsettias!
The greenhouses are open if you want to visit and watch the color transformation as we prepare for Christmas.






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With winter fast approaching, you may be wondering what there is to do at a greenhouse when it’s cold… Are you searching for the perfect place to host a child’s or train enthusiast’s birthday? Well, stop looking! Shady Lane is here to help!

Winter gives us an opportunity to be extra creative, and to help you with your decorating needs. We sell ornaments, wreaths, Christmas trees – flocked and natural. Speaking of flocking – have you seen our gorgeous flocked trees and wreaths from years past? Every year it seems our staff comes up with new, fun ways to experiment with color and design.

Ask our friendly staff about hiring us to decorate your home or business – inside or out! We can help you get ready for a big holiday gathering, decorate any office building or lobby, set-up for a small family portrait session, a festive meal and tablescape, or anything in between. Outdoor planters, indoor mantle garlands, specialized unique wreaths tailored just for your home — Shady Lane Greenhouse is here for you.

We offer a variety of services, such as fall cleanup for your yard, wreath making classes for you and your friends, private shopping parties, poinsettias in a multitude of colors – natural and painted (including our trademarked PACKSETTIA!). No matter what event you’re dreaming of, big or small, Shady Lane can help.

Give us a call to schedule or check availability for our awesome G-Scale train set-up! Available all year round!

Use of Facility for Birthday Parties

Cost:  $25.00 General Cover Charge

Cost:  $5.00 per child: (Children between the age of 2 and 12)

Adults are Free:

Fee includes Model Train

$2.50 of $5.00 goes to Ronald McDonald House, other $2.50 is used for maintenance of train.

The party can be held inside or under our covered structure, depending on the weather.

Customer may bring in food and beverages, also, balloons and other decorations.

Shady Lane has a plug available for hot food.

Customer is to provide adult supervision of children (a good ratio would be 1 adult to 3 to 4 children).

Shady Lane will provide seating arrangement and garbage cans.