Inspiration For Your Spring Garden

Budding TulipsThe groundhog said winter will remain, but I keep dreaming of spring. I encourage all of you to do the same. After all, the days are getting longer and the sun is warm—despite the cold winds.

As long as I’ve got you thinking of spring, why not start planning for your yard? Dig into all those beautiful magazines you see while in line at the grocery-store. Look at those eye-popping photos filled with new color combinations and great garden ideas. They’re all a great form of inspiration.

Think, too, about growing your own vegetables. If you’ve never done so, let me just say there’s something special about picking your own fresh peppers, tomatos and cucumbers. The plot needn’t be big. In fact, try growing vegetables in pots, boxes and crates. Or, for starters, plant a few edibles between your annuals. What a delightful surprise to see tulips, daffodils and veggies growing side-by-side. I, myself, plant peppers between my roses.

To get you pumped for spring, here are some Pinterest boards and a beautiful website with unique ideas from one of our suppliers, Monrovia.

We’ve got some great events and seminars coming up within months. Details will be on our website as soon as they’re finalized. Talk to you soon!

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