It’s Not About What You Can Do

Photo of purple and red tulipsSome estimates have the frost line down to 4’ here in Wisconsin. That means it’ll take many warm days and nights before we see new life in our gardens. And, no doubt, the first greens to appear will be weeds. I mention these fun facts for several reasons.

First, I want to emphasize that there’s nothing you can do for your garden at this point except be patient. I know I’ve got clients out there who’ll soon be poking at the soil, looking for anything that shows possibility. It’ll all pop when it’s ready, perhaps more than you imagine. The thick blanket of snow we had insulated plants quite nicely and our perennials will show their gratitude this spring.

Second, with the weeds showing first as I mentioned earlier, you’re given a golden opportunity for their quick removal. The ground will be soft, the weeds tender and their root systems shallow. As you work in the wet soil, though, be careful not to pack it so hard that seedlings can’t break through.

If you absolutely can’t wait for your hands to be in soil, then I suggest a few things: start growing herbs and bulbs indoors or visit us on Transplanting Day, Saturday, April 26, anytime between 10am and 4pm.


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