Sell Fundraiser Coupons

A Simple Process With Great Results
Selling coupons is a great hands-on fundraising opportunity. Your customers can purchase any number of coupons for a specified dollar amount; your organization keeps a percentage of the total amount sold. Coupons are valid on all regularly-priced merchandise. Fundraiser coupons allow customers to come in and personally select exactly what they want – annuals, perennials, hanging baskets, flower pouches, nursery stock (including trees, shrubs and roses), garden supplies and accents.

People spend a great deal of money on flowers, plants, shrubs and trees to beautify their homes; why not have them spend it to benefit your organization?

Here Are the Steps:

• Contact Shady Lane
Call Kathy, our Fundraiser Coordinator, at (262) 251-1660 or e-mail her to let us know that you intend to sell coupons.

• Design the Coupon
Before you start designing your fundraising coupon, click here to see a sample.  To make end-of-fundraiser billing easier, we strongly suggest that each coupon be numbered. Each coupon is required to show the following information:

• (Your group name) – Fundraiser Coupon

Redeem at:

Shady Lane Greenhouses
W172 N7388 Shady Lane
Menomonee Falls, WI  53051

(262) 251-1660

Value: (Generally, it’s $10. Contact us if you’d like a different amount.)
Valid: (Dates determined by your organization and Shady Lane.)
This coupon can be used only on regularly-priced items. Cannot be used with other coupons or offers; no discounts apply.
Any unused portion of this coupon (any balance remaining) will be issued as a store credit. No change is given.

Fax us a copy of your coupon prior to printing; the number is (262) 251-1450. We can help you verify that all the necessary information is included.

• Print the Coupons

• Sell the Coupons
When selling the coupons, be sure to point out their expiration date. Also explain that no change is given on any unused portion. It’s returned to the customer as a store credit.

• Tally Coupons for Billing
You will be billed for each coupon sold, minus the dollar amount earned per coupon. Keep track of the number of coupons you sell. As suggested above, we encourage numbering your coupons to make them easier to tally. Before we send you your invoice, call us to confirm that our total of redeemed coupons matches the number you sold.

If you would like to receive a Fundraiser Packet, please call Kathy at (262) 251-1660 or e-mail us.

Remember: Not only are we here to help you make the most of your fundraising efforts, we want to make it an enjoyable experience. Contact us anytime with your questions, concerns or comments.

 Email us at [email protected] for more information!