Natural Colors

TAKE YOUR PICK. THEY’RE ALL GORGEOUS … our Poinsettias in Natural Colors:

Red, White, Pink, Marble & Jingle Bells are available in these pot sizes:
4.5″     Has 3+ flowers
6 ”        Has 5+ flowers
7″         Has 8+ flowers
8″         Has 10+ flowers
10″      Has 15+ flowers

Red & White (we call it the Combo) is available in these pot sizes:
7″         Has 8+ flowers
10″       Has 18+ flowers
10″ Hanging Basket      Has 20+ flowers

Hanging Basket RedHanging baskets are available in the 10″ in  most of the colors above. These baskets are full of lush, low-growing poinsettias. Kathy Schneider, our Fundraising Coordinator, takes off the center hook and uses the baskets as centerpieces.

All of the plants above come with a pot cover, sleeve and care tag.