Pots & Containers

Potting ShedWe have many pots and containers in our collection. The only problem you might encounter is having too many to choose from. But, really, is that such a problem? We didn’t think so. That’s why we’re continually adding to our line.

In its October 2013 issue, Today’s Garden Center highlighted the appeal of containers for urban gentrification, downsizing empty nesters and cash-strapped younger homeowners–all of whom are living with smaller spaces and, therefore, smaller (or no) yards. Garden containers are big for these groups because they can bring life to an upper-level balcony and fresh peas and tomatoes to someone surrounded by brick.

Even better, according to the trade periodical, containers also provide a four-season interest. For example, potting dwarf evergreens like blue spruce in weather-resistant fiberglass or resin pots offers greenery all year ’round.