No Rabbits Feed Here

It’s hard to begrudge any living creature food when it’s bitter cold outside. At least, that’s what I tell myself should I happen upon vegetation that’s been nibbled or gnawed upon by rabbits and deer. Still, I want my trees and bushes to survive.

If you’ve been experiencing the same problem, it’s not too late to protect your evergreens, roses and fruit trees and shrubs from wildlife. Get the smallest chicken wire you can find. By smallest, I’m referring to the hole size in the mesh. It’s amazing what hungry, skinny rabbits can squeeze through.

Should you need a fairly lengthy roll to wrap around a bush, simply adjoin strips of chicken wire by bending the frayed ends together. Or use zip ties. Be sure to leave space between the foliage and the mesh. Not enough space allows wildlife to still get close enough to feed.

Be sure to look up. Deer feed at head level, so those higher branches need protection, too. Generally, a 5’ high barrier will keep the deer away.

If you have any questions about this post, call me at Shady Lane Greenhouses. Right now, I’m out to feed the birds.

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