Never Enough Christmas Chaos

Heidi with Special Order

Working on a custom order.

In the weeks prior to Christmas, I’m awake at 5:30 am to run or swim. I arrive at the greenhouse by 8am and look over the day’s outline (it almost never goes according to plan). What we’re doing is a lot of decorating—both inside and outside clients’ homes and businesses.

My staff and I work with numerous clients each and every day and a great deal of juggling goes on. Do we have all the materials we need (trees, garland, bows, ornaments, lights, etc.)?  What vehicles are available?  Who’s available to run special errands? Has Karl finished the made-to-order wreaths and garland? Can I create the custom order arrangements at the greenhouse or should I do them on-site?

Of course, the guts of the project are laid out first. Then, either later that day or the next, we tackle all the details. Driving back to the greenhouse, we enjoy going over the project with one another: funny things that happened, how well it all turned out, notes for last year, that kind of stuff.

I finish around 6:30-7:30 pm each night. If I’m lucky, I’ll stay awake long enough to watch an old holiday movie; one of my favorites is “Christmas in Connecticut.” How long can I keep the pace? Forever, I hope.

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