National Poinsettia Day

Combo Poinsettia

Combo Poinsettia

Appearing on today’s Morning Blend, I was asked, among many other things, about caring for poinsettias. While the easiest thing to tell someone is “to water them when they’re dry,” there’s really a bit more to it that that. Here are important things to remember:

• Before watering, take the plant out of the tin foil.
• Give the plant a good soaking, but don’t let it sit in water. (That’s why the tin foil comes off.)
• Lift the plant after it’s been watered; feel its weight.
• You can best judge when the poinsettia next needs watering by picking it up and comparing its current weight to what it was with the soil fully moist.
• Keep the poinsettia in bright but indirect light.
• Avoid placing the poinsettia in hot or cold spots.

While on the show, I also mentioned that we’re celebrating National Poinsettia Day on Thursday, December 12. We thought it was high time for us to spotlight this happy little occasion.

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