I’m Back and I’m Ready

HeidiMy first post on Shady Lane’s new website appears just as I return from a wonderful visit to Germany. Don’t they call that serendipity? Cosmic? Perhaps it’s just happenstance. Well, whatever the case, I’m back home refreshed, energized and ready for Christmas and Winter 2013.

Family and friends were so good to me during my visit. Apart from their wonderful company and great laughs, they humored me as IHeidi Outside GC in Germany visited numerous German greenhouses. The atmosphere found in these garden centers is quite different than most of those in the States. For example, coffee shops are pretty standard in European greenhouses, as is the constant traffic throughout the year. There, gardening does not stop when temperatures drop. It just moves indoors.

Unlike here in the U.S. where many of us toss out in fall what’s been nipped by Jack Frost, Germans, for the most part, nurture their green plants throughout the winter. Brought inside, they’re fertilized, cut back, polished up and carefully tended to. Lots of blooming plants are sold during the winter and brought home for added color (so wonderful in winter). In other words, plant material has a good long life in Germany. Indoor greenery is played with and developed just like outdoor gardens during the summer. I’m willing to bet that getting creative with winter gardening helps keep the darkness away.

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