Photo of Hydrangeas


Below zero and with wind-chill warnings, I was up at 5am on Thursday, February 27, and soon swimming at the local Y. Next, I headed to the College Avenue Park and Ride to pick up one of my staff members and head to Chicago and Bailey Nurseries 6th Annual Spring Preview.

It didn’t matter how cold it was outside; inside the Morton Arboretum it was all about spring. What a refreshing topic considering we’re still stuck in a never-ending winter.

We were treated to keynote speaker Timothy Henry of Arete Management who introduced us to the concept of Conscious Capitalism: businesses can be powerful forces for good; their purpose should transcend profit; filling deeper societal purposes can be accomplished without sacrificing productivity, profitability and growth.

According to Natalia Hammil, Brand & Business Development Manager at Bailey Nurseries, we should be thinking conifers, bamboo and grasses for garden containers. Europeans are doing beautiful things with this idea. Apart from the fact that these woody plants look stunning in pots, they’re also low maintenance. Leave them for a week or so as you vacation; when you return, they’re still thriving.

The garden star of the seminar was BloomStruck, Bailey’s newest addition to their Endless Summer collection of reblooming hydrangeas. What caught their breeder’s eye about this plant? The intense bluepurple mophead blooms, the ruby red stems and the plant’s potent reblooming quality. Of course we’re bringing in these beauties, along with several others in the Endless Summer collection: Blushingbride and Twist-n-Shout.

Thanks to everybody at Bailey Nurseries, including Alec Charais, for a great 2014 spring kick-off. Loved the lunch! Love your plants more.

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