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Fundraiser Coupon Guidelines 2019     2019 Sample ChristmasCoupon

  1. Contact Shady Lane at 262-251-1660 and let us know you intend to sell fundraiser coupons.
  2. Design your coupons using the SAMPLE below as a guide.
    Coupons can be any denomination (most popular are $10 and $25)
                b. Be sure your coupons are numbered and include an expiration date
                c. Design your coupon so you can fit three per standard 8 ½ “ x 11” paper.
  3. Important: email or fax a proof of your coupon design to us before printing so we can be sure it includes of the information we need.
  4. Sell coupons to your customers! Collect the money for the coupons up front. Be sure to keep track of the number of coupons of each denomination sold.
  5. Contact us with the total number of coupons sold You will be billed for 75% of the face value of the total sold, netting you a 25% profit for your organization.

Things to note:

  • Coupons can be used on any of our regular-priced products and services, including:
    Trees, Garland, Ornaments, Poinsettias, and other Christmas and holiday decorations
  • If the entire coupon value is not used, a store credit will be issued for the remaining balance.
  • Be sure to remind customers that the coupons have an expiration date.

With the selection we’re offering in 2019, we’re sure your organization’s fundraiser is going to be a winner. Click on the categories shown below and download the pages to share with others in your organization. Then, contact Kathy via e-mail or (262) 251-1660, and she can answer any questions you may have.

Note:  The photos shown on each PDF are not all-inclusive. You’ll receive a complete listing of plants and color options from Kathy when you request a packet (see above).

Contact us for more information.
[email protected]

Please feel free to print these photo PDFs and use them for your distribution lists. 

For a Sample of the coupon, please click HERE.

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