Sell Flowers

The fun begins this year when you select a spring date for your flower sale. Flats of annuals, perennials, geraniums, container plants and hanging baskets are sold to your organization at a discount; you determine your selling price.  Through early spring, you take orders which can be picked up or delivered (for a charge) from May 1 thru June 10.

With the selection of flowers we’re offering in 2018, and the expert guidance of Kathy, our Fundraiser Coordinator, we’re sure your organization’s fundraiser is going to be a winner. Click on the categories shown below, download the pages to share with others in your organization and then contact Kathy via e-mail or (262) 251-1660. She has answers to your questions, a packet of information to send you and a calm demeanor when your fundraiser hits fever pitch, which it will.

Note: Annuals include flats (twelve 4-packs), trays (ten 4-1/2” pots), hanging baskets, Euro planters, geranium planters, 10” planters, wall pouches, etc. New Annuals Collections are trays (ten 4-1/2” pots) only.  The photos shown on each PDF are not all-inclusive. You’ll receive a complete listing of plants and color options from Kathy when you request a packet (see above).

Contact us for more information.

Annual Collection
Porch Pots

Perennials Page

Hanging Baskets & Planters